A customer ordered a custom 10" Damascus knife based on his design. He calls it "Druid". Working from his sketches, I drew up a computer generated drawing that also serves as a template for cutting the parts.

This is a unique design. We discussed several options and decided on stag handles with turquoise bolsters and antiqued brass guards.


Here the blade has been rough ground, heat treated, and final ground. This is Alabama Damascus made by Brad Vice. It is 416 layers of four types of steel. Acid is used to etch the steel and bring out the pattern as the acid reacts differently with the different types of steel. This is how it looks before acid etching.

After acid etching

Next I made the brass front guard. I antiqued it by texturing the brass and then treating it overnight in ammonia vapors to give it that buttery antique look.

Now I will do the same for the rear guard. Here it is shown rough cut and fitted to the rear tang.

and after it has been shaped, textured and antiqued.

The Sambar stag scales are ready to be cut and fitted as soon as I make the turquoise bolsters.

We're getting there. I have to admit the turquoise bolsters were a real challenge but I got them done. It's still rough at this stage. I have most of the shaping done and now it's mostly down to finish sanding and details. The rear guard is not permanently attached here as I still have a little fitting to do there. The turquoise with polish up like glass by the time I am finished.


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