Custom Knives

All handmade knives are custom in the sense that no two will ever be exactly alike. Also, when time permits, I make one-of-a-kind custom knives to sell at knife shows or on my website. But the main focus of my knifemaking is custom knives made to order for the customer.

If you would like a custom knife made specially for you, please contact me at or call 502-387-4844. I can do pretty much anything you like. You can choose the size, shape, type of steel,  type of finish, handle material, type of guard or pommel, and even design a special sheath. You also have choices of embellishments such as scrimshaw, filework, engraving, and leather carvings.

Deposits: I require a 50% non-refundable deposit ONLY on knives that are uniquely made to the customers design or personalized in a manner that would make the knife difficult to sell to anyone else.

Do to the popularity of some models I have made, I have set up some Standard Models that you can choose from or use as a starting point for your custom knife. See Standard Models.

Currently, my turnaround time for a custom order is: approximately  6-8 months.

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On Deck!  Updated 5/21/14

Below are custom orders currently on deck so customers can track their progress. If you want a custom Carter knife, I will be happy to add your name to the list in the order that the orders are received. Bear in mind that I usually have several other knives in progress for knife shows and my website.

When your name comes up, I will contact you to make sure you want to proceed. Note that the orders may change as some people may not proceed when their name comes up.

My heat treating schedule may be erratic the next few months so I am trying to confirm orders and get as many cut, rough ground and heat treated as I can right now. That way they will be ready to finish grind when I can get to them.

It has been a long unusually rough winter that has severely limited my shop time but things are finally improving and I will be making much more progress on my orders in the next few weeks.

Shemaya K - John Brown Pike - Finishing

Mark H - D-Guard Bowie - Finishing

Mike M. - Grizz Jr - In Progress - Polishing

Charles B - 6 custom knives - Design Stage

Joe C - Bowie - Design

Jesse M - Walkyrie - Finish Grinding

Jeff A - Double Dagger - Design

Jerry S. - King Kong Bowie - Finishing Blade

Harry D - Bowie - Finalizing design

Alex L - Modified Nessmuk - CALL ME! - I have lost your contact information.

Brian V -  Nessmuk - CALL ME! - I have lost your contact information.

Jerry H - King Kong Bowie with sawteeth - Heat Treated

Phil W - 2 Damascus Nessmuks & 2 neckers - Making Sheaths

Richard R - Kodiak Bowie - Rough ground

Richard R - Damascus Skinner - Firm Order

James M - Grizz Bowie 3/8" - Heat Treated

Valentino - Modified Walkyrie - Firm Order

David S - Damascus Bowie - Design

Bret L - Custom design provided

Leo U - Custom O1 Bowie

Gary M - Grizz


Gary B - Kodiak Bowie - Firm Order - Finished

Jim B - Push Dagger - Finished

Kevin N - Push Dagger - Finished

Bryan B - Push Dagger - Finished

Knife Rights - Finished

Jonathan D - 2 Bird & Trouts - Delivered

Steve C - Grizz - Firm Order - Shipped

Sarah S. - Dagger and Neck Knife - Finished

Leslie W - Neck Knife - Finished

Harry B - Bush Knife - Shipped

Frank D. - Rehandle - Shipped

Richard F - Kodiak Bowie - Shipped

Don C - Damascus Nessmuk - Shipped

Ryan L - Mini Hunter - Shipped

Colin A - Bone Dagger - Shipped

Mark H - Survival knife - Shipped

Burt H - John Brown Pike - Finished

Dick B - Damascus Push Dagger - Shipped


Click on the image below for more pictures and details of some of my custom projects.

Some Current Projects in Progress



Past Projects

Below are some examples of custom orders that I have made to the customer's specifications.

      Grey Wolf         Custom Skinner        Walkyrie                Deguello                Druid           

                      Custom Set of 3          Cheyenne                   King Kong                   Kong II                            Grizz                                                         

                     Grizz Jr                Kodiak                Neck Knives        Two Moons          Cadillac Folder              Nessmuk                   

                    Bwana                Bobs Hunter       Richard's Grizz Jr    Custom Handle      Twin Nessies         Big One

                 Thor               Buttterscotch Trio        Another Grizz        Service Member Build 


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