How I make a Fold-Over Nessmuk Sheath

Here is a little tutorial showing how I make a fold-over style leather sheath for a Nessmuk knife.

I start  by making a pattern.
I use manila folders from an office supply store because they are relatively stiff cardboard and very cheap.

I trace an outline of the knife on the cardboard.

Then I roll the knife over and trace only the blade portion.
This will be the fold-over (front) part of the sheath.

Now I need to add about 1/2 inch around the blade to accommodate a welt.
For this I use a compass with a pencil attached (available at any office supply store).
Using a ruler, I adjust the gap to 1/2 inch.

Now I just trace around the knife outline following the outline with the metal point of the compass.

Now I use my ruler to draw lines that will be the backing and belt loop for the sheath.
You will need this piece to be about twice as long as the handle plus an inch since it will be folded in half to make the belt loop.

Now cut out the pattern.

The sheath pattern. If you make copies the same knife this pattern can be saved and used over again.

Here is how it will work.

The belt loop as seen here is just a little long so I will shorten it a bit when I trace this pattern onto the leather.

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