Fold-Over Sheath - Part Two

We made a cardboard pattern.
Now we use that pattern to trace the outline onto our leather.
I normally use 8-9 ounce (about 1/8" thick) top grain cowhide for my sheaths.

BE SURE that you use vegetable tanned leather and NOT Chrome Tanned leather like is used for furniture or clothing. Chrome tanned leather contains chemicals that can destroy a knife blade.

The rough sheath.
I will now trim the edges a bit but I won't worry with them too much as I will sand them down evenly later.

For tight inside corners, I use a sharp knife rather than shears because shears will tend to over-cut .

Now I use the knife to mark where my blade and welt will be and to check the fit.

Next, I moisten the leather so I can stamp by mark and a basket weave pattern.

Now I draw a very light pencil line along the right edge of the sheath front near where it will be folded.
This line will be a guide for by basket weave pattern as you will see in a minute.

I also use my compass to draw a very light pencil line where the outer edge of my basket weave pattern will be.

Using my pattern stamp, I start working down the center of my guide line.

Then I add more rows until my pattern fills the area I want.

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