Knife Sheath Materials

The sheath for your knife is an important part of the package to carry and protect your knife. I use top quality top grain leather and hand stitch my sheaths with a double lock stitch that will not unravel if a stitch is broken. For larger sheaths, I typically use 8-9 oz leather which is around 1/8 inch thick. For small sheaths, I usually use lighter and thinner 5-6 oz leather. For reference, in leather terms, 1 oz = 1/64 inch.

I hand-pick the leather I use to insure the best quality available. Normally I strive to select pieces with a smooth, unblemished surface, even color and nice grain. I usually also keep a few pieces that are marred with brands, scars or bug bites for people who want a rugged looking sheath.

I can stain leather a variety of shades and decorate it with tooling and attachments. I can also artificially "antique" a sheath to give it an old worn look. I finish all of my sheaths with "Super Sheen" which offers some waterproofing protection and gives the sheath a nice shine.

I also sometimes use exotic hides as a decorative inlay or sometimes for the entire sheath.


This is some of the toughest hide in nature and beautiful too.

Stingray can also be dyed to a wide variety of colors

Buffalo Hide                                                                  Alligator

Caiman (Crocodile)                                                     African Toad

Ostrich Hide                                                                 Lizard

Ostrich Leg


For leather, I can do a wide variety of tooling and even carving to enhance the look of the sheath.

 CLICK HERE to see more examples of my handmade sheaths.

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