Knife Photography

As a photographer and a knifemaker, it was a natural progression to combine two of my passions. I found there was a need for high quality photos of knives for publication, advertising, promotion and archives. 

I also quickly learned that high quality knife photography is very challenging. It took a great deal of learning through through trial and error to develop a style and technique that produces quality photographs that highlight the features of a knife without unwanted reflections in polished surfaces.

I developed and built custom light tables just for shooting knives that give me precise control over lighting, shading and reflections. That, combined with professional quality cameras, lighting and props, have allowed me to produce images that have been published in knife magazines and used in advertising for well known knifemakers including Gil Hibben, Richard "Hutch" Hutchings, and Richard Schuchmann.

My photos in Knives Illustrated, Blade Magazine and promotional flyer.                            6 page article and photos in Knives Illustrated

My photos were used to illustrate a feature story by Linda Hibben in Blade magazine

In addition to my photography I do some writing.

Published Works:

Below are a few examples of my knife photography.



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